FCA Authorisation

Made the decision to become a directly authorised firm? Then let us take the stress and hassle out of becoming Directly Authorised. We have successfully managed scores of applications throughout the years and therefore, we have an excellent understanding of what is required to ensure your application runs smoothly.

We are copied in on the application so that any response from the FCA comes to us as well to allow us to respond accordingly.

We will draft all the compliance documents that you need to make the application to the FCA and to start trading once the application has been approved.

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We Provide

Draft all the compliance documents you need to make the application: We have submitted plenty of applications, so we know what is needed better than anyone.
Attendance on ALL FCA Interviews following the application: These interviews can be an hour or two long and we will be on hand to join you on all of them.
Business Continuity plan, Disclosure documents, Compliance Manual, Compliance Monitoring plan: All of these are required by the FCA to accompany the application and they are all provided by CATS.
Application form completion: we will complete all the application forms for you.

Our Client's views..

You’ve been exemplary to work with, you’ve been approachable, positive, quick to respond,
knowledgeable, you’ve set timeframes and delivered on promises.