All our clients gain access to our CATS HUB, which has been in development since 2018 and is constantly updated and improved.

  • Transferring of documents
  • Make a request for a file to be reviewed.
  • Respond online to any remedial work.
  • Run reports for your entire team.
  • Download all previous newsletters.
  • Access our training zone.

CATS Hub features

Transferring of Documents

The HUB works as a portal to allow you to easily send us sensitive documents in a safe and secure way.

Request File Reviews

You can send us a request to complete a file review which can be part of your contract or on an ad-hoc basis. You will then be prompted to upload all relevant documents. Once we assign the case you will be able to see who is reviewing the file. You will then be notified by the HUB once it is completed and be able to see the results on your dashboard.

Remedial Work

We call it Outstanding Verification Work (OVW), and the HUB allows you to address any points and upload further documentation if required, demonstrating a complete audit trail for you. At any one time you can see easily if you have any OVW that needs addressing.


You can run reports for individuals or for the company (supervisor access only) that will clearly demonstrate any trends, good or bad, with the files we have reviewed.


All previous newsletters are available for you to download via searchable content.

Training Zone Access

The training zone is where you will find the following:

  • Test papers and training/learning material for AML, Complaints Procedure, The Bribery Act, TCF, FCA Conduct Rules and SMF 16
  • Previous webinars available to watch
  • Annual knowledge tests for RO1, RO2, RO4, RO5, CF6 and CF8

All tests are completed online and if you pass you will automatically receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement. All results are published on your dashboard and as these tests should be carried out annually, you will be notified when your next test is due.

Our Client's views..

I am working my way through the webinars about a crazy range of subjects that are just so useful.
I just thought that you should know that your hard work is really appreciated. Thank you 😊

Madeleine Sunley

Blueberry Financial